......band a...:
Z. A. HRTAN - lead vocal, guitar, keys,  bass, electronic, percussion, showmaster
MONSIEUR KAKADOO - trombone, violin
DR. KHOTZI - bass, el.guitar, ac. guitar, banjo, percussions, vocal, samples, transportmaster
MR. UHLÍK - guitars (el., ac., 6-str., 12-str., slide, resophonic), bass, clarinet, buzouki, keys, 
YOZ   - live drums, producer

members were too:
 MASTER PYTLIG - from start to 2004
lead vocal, harmonica, trumpet, violin, accordion, samples & other electronic
 MISS CUTCHANKA - from summer 2007 to fall 2014
  lead vocal, dance, kazoo
 PAVEL SEDLON  - from winter 1999 to 2012 and from spring 2014 to 2017 
- sax, guitar, vocal
 JON DEEP - from summer 2007 to summer 2010
sound operator, keys
 DJ KHOL-O-SHECK - from spring 2006 to summer 2007
turntable, asian instruments, accordion, guitar, samples
 CARBORUNDUM - from autumn 2003 to autumn 2005
 YUTTOWYI - from autumn 1998 to spring 2002
accoustic guitar, bass, el. guitar, vocal
 DŘEVĚNÝ - from 1996 to summer 2000
el.guitar, bass, vocal